Tragedy in Thailand

As you may have noticed, we took a brief hiatus from the blog. We were in the midst of chronicling our adventures in Thailand when a bomb exploded in the middle of Bangkok. Out of respect, we decided to pause and reflect.

On August 17th, 22 people were killed and roughly 125 wounded in the blast at Erawan Shrine at the hands of terrorists thought to have been targeting Thailand's tourism and economy.  Our hearts go out to all of the victims and their loved ones who have been impacted.

We’ll never make sense of this travesty. What we can say for sure is that no act of violence will ever quell our desire to travel and see the good in the world, and we encourage you to do the same.  Because the moment your fears win over your sense of wonder, the bad guys have won.

Now go out there, and explore Bangkok, Thailand and beyond to honor those we’ve lost.